Since my internship at National Public Radio's science desk, I've loved using audio as a medium to communicate science. It's intimate, appeals to younger people, and is just plain fun. Below are some of the podcasts I've created.

My podcasts

Learning about Teaching Physics

This podcast is my most recent brainchild, arising from my interests in science education, education research, and communication. As of May 2011 we have one produced episode, temporarily on the Podomatic site, but this will be eventually hosted on the National Science Digital Library.
We're getting the physics education research out of those stuffy journals and into your hands (or, rather, ears) with this little audio podcast. Co-hosted by veteran high school physics teacher Michael Fuchs and physicist and education researcher Stephanie Chasteen, each episode investigates a piece of the research literature and how it can relate to your classroom.


Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears Podcast

A collaborative project with the National Science Digital Library. This podcast is geared towards elementary educators to help them use polar science to address common student misconceptions about science. This webzine won the SPORE award from AAAS for integrating science & literacy, and the episode "Warm Blankets and Cold Breezes" was featured in the presentations at the presidential ceremony for science teaching excellence.



A monthly variety show about nanotechnology created for the Nanoscale Informal Science Education (NISE) Network.


Science Teaching Tips

A series of podcasts created by, and for, science teachers. Includes science facts, history, and hands-on activities.


The Classic Summer Institute

A series of podcasts about the Summer Institute for teachers at the Exploratorium.


Brownbag recordings

A series of recorded lunchtime speakers at the Exploratorium.


My radio spots

Horse Clone spot. Aired August 7, 2003, Morning Edition. MP3

Dinosaur find spot. Written for air, but failed to air due to other breaking news MP3

Depression Gene spot. Not for air MP3

Depression Gene story. Not for air MP3



The Third Coast Chicago Public Radio's festival highlighting the best documentary and feature radio. Really great radio to be found here.

Soundprint More really great radio

WNYC Radio Lab Still more really great, innovative radio

Odeo A mishmash of independently produced audio content. See what folks are doing with today's media.

NOVA Science NOW Fun bite-sized science podcasts

BBC Naked Scientist An hour-long variety show from the mother country, very nicely done!