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I've been a writer all my life, and have been writing about science for the public since 2002 in variety of publications, including National Public Radio, NOVA, and Stanford News Service. To see a selected list of clips, please visit my resume page.
You can see my scientific publications on a separate page.


Please visit my podcast page to hear my auditory publications. See my academic publications page for peer-reviewed publications in education research and photovoltaics.

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Variation on an Infinity of Triangles. JILA Research Highlights, February, 2012. HTML
No Free Lunch for Entangled Particles. JILA Research Highlights, January 2012. HTML
Schrodinger Cats Light the Way. JILA Research Highlights, January 2012. HTML
Simulating a Starquake, JILA Research Highlights, December 2012. HTML
Teaching with Learning Assistants, S. V. Chasteen and V. Otero, online module for Science Education Resource Center (2010). HTML.
Professional Development Guide: Physics for the 21st Century. Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Annenberg Media. August, 2010. HTML.
Cracking the Story of Fracture. Physical Review Focus, January 29, 2010. HTML.
Speaking of Physics: The art of science communication. American Physical Society (APS) Forum on Education Newsletter. February 2010. HTML.
Hidden Physicist. The Society for Physics Students (SPS) "Radiations" website. January, 2010.
How a scientist becomes a science writer. Published on the National Association of Science Writers' website, December 2009. NASW Site (password required). Public version on my blog. Republished at Alternative Science Careers.
Physicists' Guide for Adopt a Physicist. Manual for participants in physics outreach program, American Institute of Physics, December 2009.
Cool facts about heat. Content article for the Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears webzine, December 2009. HTML.
Podcasts in the Mathematics Classroom. California Mathematics Council ComMuniCator, December 2008. PDF
Why physics teachers should read blogs. Websights column, The Physics Teacher, December 2008. (Unedited version here).
The Salty Science of the Aluminum-Air Battery, S.V. Chasteen, N.D. Chasteen, P. Doherty. The Physics Teacher, December 2008. PDF
Inside Mother of Pearl. Physical Review Focus (a web publication of the American Physical Society), July 2, 2007.PDF
Saved by the Sun: Inside a solar cell. Web interactive to accompany WGBH-NOVA program "Saved by the Sun," April 10 2007.PDF
Causal Relations; HIV in Guinea. Science & Spirit  ( National bimonthly magazine), Feature article, May/June 2005. PDF
You're Not as Great as You Think You Are. Science & Spirit, May/June 2004. PDF
Light Wave Outlasts Itself. Physical Review Focus, May 12, 2004. PDF
Life Beyond Bars. Science & Spirit, Feature article, Sept/Oct 2004. PDF
Who Owns the Wind? Science & Spirit, Feature article, Jan/Feb 2004. PDF
Electronic Voting Unreliable Without Receipt, Expert Says. Stanford Report, February 18, 2004. PDF

Labor Activation spot. National Public Radio (NPR), Aired August 2, 200. MP3

Horse Clone spot. Aired August 7, 2003, Morning Edition. MP3

Dinosaur find spot. Written for air, but failed to air due to other breaking news MP3

Depression Gene spot. Not for air MP3

Depression Gene story. Not for air MP3

Bait & switch. Science & Spirit, May/June 2003. PDF
Sex and Gender Scientists Explore a Revolution in Evolution. Stanford Report, February 16, 2003. PDF
Cosmos "Big Bubble" Theorist Alan Guth to deliver Hofstadter Lecture. Stanford Report, January 22, 2003. PDF

City buildings rely on renewable power sources. Santa Cruz Sentinel, Local News, May 16, 2003 -Local News. PDF

Future Farmers. Santa Cruz Sentinel, Style Section, February 1, 2003. PDF

Bonnie Raitt Powers Solar Benefit.
Santa Cruz Sentinel, Page 1, November 15, 2002. PDF

Solar Power Still Too Expensive.
Santa Cruz Sentinel, Real Estate, November 10, 2002. PDF

Down on the (Research) Farm. Science's Next Wave (a publication of the AAAS), November 21, 2002. PDF

Solar Energy Research Heats Up.
Santa Cruz Sentinel, Page 1, November 10, 2002. PDF